What is the
Doctors’ Campaign for Solidarity in Arequipa?

We are a group of doctors and people of different professions born in Arequipa, whose objective is to gather as many resources as possible in order to reduce the contamination of health personnel during this pandemic through the acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We are driven by the courage and dedication of women and men, who have demonstrated immense generosity for others in these times of fear and pain.

The operational team for this campaign is made up of doctors Germán Málaga, Ana Zúñiga, Manuel Paredes, Javier Sanz, Ana Cecilia Vela, Águeda Muñoz and María Luz Castañeda, as well as Niurka Zúñiga, Cecilia Zúñiga, Pamela Zúñiga, Lourdes Pérez-Wicht , Ángela Delgado and Miguel Barreda.

During these months of action we have been supported by companies such as Gloria S.A., Compañía de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A., FLUOR and fantastic Arequipans from all over the world. We have managed to provide PPE to hospitales Honorio Delgado, Goyeneche, Paucarpata Health Center, Cerro Juli Care and Isolation Center, Mariano Melgar and Hunter Micro Network, as well as resident doctors from different hospitals in our city.

  • The need to gather required resources for health personnel are enormous and growing.
  • These weeks are critical.

We are in direct contact with the doctors at Hospital Honorio Delgado, Hospital Goyeneche and other health centers and are constantly reviewing all possibilities to support all staff in the most pragmatic way, so that they can safely work during this period. Unfortunately, health workers continually face the risk of death due to the viral load they are exposed to daily. The medical personnel are confronting this harsh reality and WE are hoping to minimize its risks.

Current information on the web


You can find our web address with all our data in detail at:

Our commitment

We began our activities in April, 2020 convinced that we cannot remain passive in this situation. Nor do we want to be complicit in the ineptitude of those being able to do something, but who do nothing or whose actions are insufficient.

Looking back we don’t want to be witnesses, who did nothing except wait for those in charge to act.

We would like to emphasize that our weekly actions have been possible thanks to our alliance with Red de Corazones de Lima https://reddecorazones.com.pe, and the great support of Médicos Solidarios Lima, as well as Freundeskreis Hogar de Cristo e.V. in Germany www.hogar-de-cristo.de, who have made their platforms and experience available to us, when channeling donations from within Peru and from Europe.

Campaña Médicos Solidarios en Arequipa

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